Experimental Biotechnology

Experimental Biotechnology

Practical Manual Series 06

Sunita Dutta


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The book is subdivided into seven sections this encompass: general procedures, like methods of pipetting, solution preparation, buffers and principles of common analytical instruments essential for laboratory biotechnology experiments. The book also includes working with nucleic acid, bacteria, enzymes, proteins; cloning experiments and a few protocols on plant biotechnology. Emphasis have been given on DNA/RNA isolation from various sources, use of restriction enzymes, ligation techniques, cloning protocols, screening of transformed cells, various electrophoresis techniques, PCR protocol, etc. The appendices in the last part are included to provide information important to he study of the above-mentioned practical as a whole. The book will be useful to students belonging to Biotechnology, agriculture and allied fields. The idea behind this practical manual was thus to provide theoretical basis of the practical study items to be undertaken in the laboratory in a lucid manner.