Small Changes

Small Changes

A Rules-Free Guide to Add More Plant-Based Foods, Peace and Power to Your Life

Alicia Witt


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Ditch the labels and embrace positive, healthy practices for eating, exercising, and living an authentic life--your way!

You don’t have to overhaul your whole life to be healthier and happier--every small change can make a big difference!

Deciding to improve your health, your consciousness, and the world can seem so overwhelming that you don’t know where to begin. And when you head down one path, you might face criticism for “not doing it right” or “not following the rules.”

But sometimes, all you need to do is make a few small changes to chart your course to a healthier life that’s authentically you.

Author and actor Alicia Witt isn’t here to dole out lists of dos and don’ts. But she is here to show how adopting the “small changes philosophy” allows you to find balance, eat healthier, and feel better physically and emotionally. She also invites you into her adventurous life, both on and off the set, in stories infused with candor and humor.

In this user-friendly guide you’ll learn how to

  • Incorporate more plant-based foods into your daily meals (38 easy recipes included!)
  • Make lifestyle changes to better care for your body, community, and environment
  • Care for your mind, spirit, and soul
  • Engage in a short, simple exercise routine to keep yourself strong and fit

Regardless of what you want to improve, this book will help you find your way and teach you how small changes can usher in larger changes--and transform your life.



Alicia Witt:

Alicia Witt has been acting since the age of seven, when she made her debut in David Lynch’s sci-fi classic Dune. She was most recently seen in Netflix’s 2021 hit I Care a Lot; other film credits include Two Weeks Notice, Last Holiday, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Urban Legend, 88 Minutes, The Upside of Anger, and Vanilla Sky. Her TV work includes Orange Is the New Black, The Walking Dead, Nashville, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Mentalist, Twin Peaks, Justified, The Sopranos, and Cybill. Alicia is also well known to Hallmark Channel audiences for her Christmas movies, many of which have featured her original songs.

 A classically trained former competitive pianist, Witt coproduced her fifth album, 2021’s The Conduit, with Jordan Lehning and Bill Reynolds. She has performed all over the world, including at the famed Grand Ole Opry, as well as opening for Ben Folds Five, Rachel Platten, and Jimmy Webb, to name a few.

 Small Changes marks Alicia’s debut as an author. She lives in Nashville with her rescue dog and copilot, Ernest.