Beanie Bop’s First Show-N-Tell

Beanie Bop’s First Show-N-Tell

Dr. Ally


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Beanie Bop’s First Show and Tell — Beanie Bop is excited about her first show and tell. After school, she searches relentlessly in her toy box and finds her favorite toy, Supercub, the talking bear. With much excitement, she plays with Supercub all night before she goes to bed. In the morning, she puts on her favorite shirt and flip-flops—she is dressed to impress. However, when she presents her toy in front of her classmates, something goes terribly wrong. She begins to panic. Beanie Bop calls on her imaginary dog, Zeno and, in a poof, Zeno and Beanie Bop find themselves on a planet millions of miles from Earth. Through a kickball game, she learns about staying calm and finding ways to win.