Juanjuan and the Samoyed & Juanjuan Meets Scruffy the Sheep

Juanjuan and the Samoyed & Juanjuan Meets Scruffy the Sheep

Lynette Frantzen PhD


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JuanJuan is a Maltese/Toy poodle dog, living in the big city, whose name means “curly” in Chinese. JuanJuan lives with Liu XiaoYao, whose name means “relaxed.” In JuanJuan and the Samoyed, JuanJuan is jealous of her friend Snowball but comes to realize that, although different from Snowball, she also has positive characteristics that have meaning and purpose. In JuanJuan Meets Scruffy the Sheep, JuanJuan learns that sometimes the “people" she meets may seem scary, but getting to know them may reveal a treasured friendship. Whether focusing on children’s prosocial behaviors, or for learning Chinese or English, JuanJuan is cute, relatable, and fun for all ages. “”“”


Lynette Frantzen PhD:
Lynette Frantzen has a PhD Psychology and over 15 years in the mental health field. She, her husband, and 4 children have traveled and worked around the world in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Her work with diverse populations has perpetuated her belief in the universal importance of encouraging prosocial behaviors from childhood for the development of happy, healthy societies. Lynette Frantzen