Advanced Security Solutions for Multimedia

Advanced Security Solutions for Multimedia


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Modern internet-enabled devices and fast communication technologies have ushered in a revolution in sharing of digital images and video. This may be for social reasons or for commercial and industrial applications, where the data is more likely to include sensitive personal or confidential information. In any event, the shared imagery is intended only for the end-user. Attackers can steal this data or manipulate it for their own uses, causing financial and emotional damage to the owners. Many applications generate important information in the form of images and video, where efficient security is critical. This drives the need for advanced security solutions and the need to continuously develop and maintain security measures in an ever-evolving battle against fraud and malicious intent.

There are various techniques employed in protecting digital media and information, such as digital watermarking, cryptography, stenography, data encryption, etc., In addition, sharing platforms and connected nodes themselves may be open to vulnerabilities and can suffer from security breaches. This book reviews present state-of-the-art research related to the security of digital imagery and video, including developments in machine learning applications. It is particularly suited for those that bridge the academic world and industry, and allows readers to understand the security concerns in the multimedia domain by reviewing present and evolving security solutions, their limitations, and future research directions.

Key Features

  • Latest trends in the multimedia security domain
  • Includes Machine Learning for multimedia security
  • Insight to different security concerns (attacks)
  • Reviews present challenges & future opportunities
  • Potential & promising solution to the security concerns