Deframing Strategy

Deframing Strategy

How Digital Technologies are Transforming Businesses and Organizations, and How We Can Cope with It

Soichiro Takagi


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Deframing Strategy describes how digital technologies are changing the world. Rather than simply showing cases on digital applications, this book deeply analyses the fundamental shift in the society caused by digital transformation (DX), from an economic perspective. Based on the three elements of 'deframing' — dissolution and reintegration, specific-optimization, and individualization — it discusses how digital technologies are affecting the industrial structure, business models, and workstyles. The arguments presented in the book are backed up by a wide range of applications such as mobile payments, shared economy, food delivery, retail transformation, mass customization, co-working spaces, and social media marketing, throughout the world. The importance of 'deframing' has increased significantly during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic period, where incumbent businesses and economies have had to strengthen themselves to respond to the turbulence. Originally published in Japanese in 2019, this book contains updated case studies and data that are particularly important in responding to economic and social evolutions.Contents:

  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Introduction of Deframing:
    • The End of 'Economies of Scale'
    • Deframing Mechanism
  • The Process of Deframing:
    • Dissolution and Reintegration
    • Specific-Optimization
    • Individualization
  • Organizations and Individuals in the Age of Deframing:
    • Trust in the Deframing Society
    • Personal Strategies in the Age of Deframing
    • Challenges and Prospects of Deframing
  • Afterword
  • Index
Readership: Practitioners in business, Corporate executives, Researchers and students in management and economics.Digital Transformation;DX;Innovation;Business model;Organizations;Workstyle;FinTech;Mass Customization;Blockchain;Career;Entrepreneurship;Freelance00